October 2014

One of our praises has been to be back in touch with a long time friend, Quique Campdepadrós, a gifted artist in Argentina, better known as Khato. You can see this talented national missionary in this video for our website: http://youtu.be/0njacj3DA3k.  Here is a man who has dedicated his gift to the Lord and says… Read More»

October 2014 Prayer and Praise LOGOI’s “Five Dollar Mission” webpage has opened! This month of October it will be officially introduced and we trust it will be looked at – and OPENED and READ. Our challenge: how to get our brothers and sisters to stop and look at FiveDollarMission. Ask the Lord to bless this… Read More»

It’s come to my attention that I was getting a bit out of shape so I joined a neighborhood gym next to a Cuban bakery. I wanted to be able to reward myself with guava pastry after my vigorous workouts.

LOGOI’s “Five Dollar Mission” webpage has opened! We are excited to begin telling everyone about the wonderful national missionaries who are at work right now — every day — telling people about our Savior. Every week, over 8,500 receive biblical help, advice, encouragement and resources from us here at LOGOI! Now we want you to… Read More»

Visit: http://edthompsonlive.wordpress.com/ “Hardly anyone knows this…but I’m really quite famous.” I’ve performed my “Ed”ertainment concerts in just about every state in the U.S., won a nationwide talent contest, recorded several albums/CD’s, published a children’s book and dozens of humorous articles in newspapers and magazines, and ate an asparagus (it was an accident). Many remember the… Read More»