Ed Thompson

Ed Thompson is a joyful third-generation missionary and the President of LOGOI Ministries founded in 1968 by Rev. Les Thompson (Ed’s Dad). Along with his work at LOGOI, Ed is a past winner of the Gospel Music Association Christian soloist competition, a recording artist, the author of “Mission Adventures” and dozens of humorous articles in newspapers and magazines. His “Solo Trumpet Duet” and other comedy routines are favorites around the globe, thanks to YouTube. Ed’s latest CD, “Beautiful Feet,” was released in 2009 where three of his singles made Christian Radio & Retails TOP 100 Global Spins for the year 2009. Ed’s “Beautiful Feet” single has remained a top 30 inspirational radio hit for over 32 weeks now.

Ed is a Wheaton College graduate, loves Cuban food, often laughs at his own jokes, likes baseball and drives a pickup truck — which obviously means he listens to country music.