The Age of Twitters & Tweets


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The Age of Twitters & Tweets

Do you feel lost in this age of twitters and tweets? Is it strange to you that today a “tweet” more often refers to an electronic message than the sound a bird makes?
Well, it’s no wonder.  I just read a report that said the average “tweets” in 2007 was a manageable 5,000 per day. By June 2011, however, the average number of tweets had grown to a mindboggling 200 million per day! To put that into perspective, Twitter says, “every day, the world writes the equivalent of a 10 million-page book” which would take more than 31 years to read.  There’s a lot of tweeting going around these days.

During a trip to Mexico last month, I was able to visit the amazing pyramids in Chichen Itza in the Yucatan.  Chichen Itza was one of the largest ancient Maya cities established some 1,412 years ago and remarkably, much of the architecture has remained intact. The Maya were ingenious builders, designers, and acoustical engineers.  They built the main pyramid in such a way for example, that a throng of over 50,000 could easily hear their rulers speak from high atop the 98-foot Temple of Kukulkan.

Not only that, the Temple of Kukulkan can tweet.

That’s right, tweet.  And our tour guide proved it.  All you have to do is stand in front of the pyramid and clap your hands.  The resulting echo from your handclap bounces off the top chamber of the pyramid and sends back the sound of a chirp. (Turn your volume to the max.)

Kukulkan Chirping2

I’m not sure what messages I may have been sending with all my clapping, but I couldn’t help but imagine a young Maya boy sitting in front of the Kukulkan tweeting his girlfriend with his handclaps… “Meet me under the palapa at sundown.”

The wisest man who ever walked this earth said, History merely repeats itself.  It has all been done before. Nothing under the sun is truly new (Ecclesiastes 1:9 NLT).

And of course, sending messages is nothing new. We’ve been doing that since time began.  From smoke signals to the Pony Express to emails and now tweeting, we’ve just broadened our capabilities and speed.
Twice a month, LOGOI sends out messages of hope, Bible training, and encouragement to over 10,000 pastors and leaders scattered across the Latin world.  From Cuba to Chile, to even Japan and Australia, Spanish pastors and Bible teachers receive much welcomed on-the-job help, advice, and practical “how-to’s.”

And our reach keeps expanding, too.  We are thrilled to report a new relationship with Tyndale House Publishers as well as Randy Alcorn’s ministry.  Several of their excellent Bible resources are now available in LOGOI’s online Bible Resource Center with many more to come.

Nancy Guthrie’s Holding On To Hope has been such a blessing to us already as she takes fellow sufferers by the hand and guides them on a pathway through pain—straight to the heart of God.  We also have Randy Alcorn’s wonderful book, Heaven, where he provides a clear and very readable guide to grasping all that our Savior has in store for those who trust him.

So it may not be much of a surprise to tell you that we’re getting a lot of tweets from pastors overseas.  From books and resources that are just a few dollars to a series of books and resources that may total $50, pastors overseas are sending us their messages via their Wishlists— asking for a little help to get them.

Providing help in this way is easy.  Simply indicate on the enclosed reply card that your gift is for a Wishlist item, and we’ll take care of the rest.  And remember, because you are helping pastors and teaching leaders, your gift of hope, teaching, training, and encouragement is repeated over and over again in the lives of those our “students” are helping, teaching and encouraging.

Thank you for being a part of spreading the Good News throughout the world.  We are blessed and honored to be your partner in ministry.


Ed Thompson

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