Summer Prayer Request


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Summer Prayer Request

July-August 2010
Prayer and Praise Requests


July is the month we will “officially” launch our new website. We have butterflies in our stomachs and are breaking out in hives as we wonder if all we have so diligently worked on will really operate as we have dreamed and worked. Our webmaster doesn’t know the difference between night and day as he gets all the computer heiroglyphics in place. Pray that the launching will be smooth and exciting. We long for pastors and leaders to easily begin working with their new “virtual offices.”

AND! We long for you here in the states to become actively involved in communicating with our beloved Spanish pastors and leaders. The next step will be to make this amazing site available in all major language groups.


We rejoice in that Les is continuing to stay well and is growing stronger. We are even going to take a week off and go away for a vacation. Thank you so much for your prayers. Don’t stop!


  1. Every day pastors from all parts of our Spanish world go to our website looking for help. Pray that our Bible centered answers will not only encourage and help, but in turn, spiritually feed their congregations.
  2. Every day we are adding new material to our website. Pray that our loving God will guide us so the information given helps pastors and church leaders grow in their knowledge of God.


Pray for Ed Thompson and our Board of Directors as they lead this ministry. Unless what we do is blessed of God, it willl not benefit anyone.


We must mention it again – because of the economic struggles in our country, donations are very low. Pray with us. We know the One who owns the cattle on a thousand hills!