Oración y petición – octubre 2010


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Oración y petición – octubre 2010

1000 AND MORE!
With almost 1500 new registrants on our LOGOI website, we are enjoying showing them all the resources now available to them. A new one is a “Wish List” where they can tell us what materials they need and we in the US can help them obtain them. Now, pray that we will have 1,500+ ministry partners here in the U.S. to match the 1500 Hispanic pastors and leaders. So many are telling us how thrilling it is to finally have access to the kind of trusted material they truly need and want.

The first week of October, over 200 pastors and leaders will gather in Managua for a conference. Les and Carolyn are thrilled to be able to return once again. LOGOI’s Guía Pastoral (Pastor’s Guide) has been sent down so that each one attending will receive this “mini-library” notebook that has over 150 articles. Les calls each article a “teaspoon of theology” written so that anyone can understand. Not a great number of Nicaragua’s pastors are well trained. Pray that this conference will stir their hearts and minds to truly love the Word of God and become godly leaders. Nicaragua’s political leftist leader, Daniel Ortega, wants to eliminate elections and become the dictator. Pray for this poor, needy country.

MEXICO (repeated)
As you have seen on the news, Mexico has become one of the most violent countries in the world, all to do with drug lords and drugs. Pastor Eduardo Garcia of an evangelical church in Juarez was ordered to pay protection money to the drug lords. When he refused, they said they would kill his children. A few days later, his 24 year old son was murdered. Over 6,000 murders have taken place since January 2008. Mexico has never known this kind of evil. Pray for the church in Mexico. May God’s people be effective witnesses of the gospel that leads to forgiveness, cleansing and healing.

We’ve faced a tough summer. We praise God for His faithfulness in providing for our basic needs, but we’ve had to stretch each dollar to its limits. As we approach the Fall season, in order to maximize our help to pastors throughout the Spanish World, we very much need your help today. Together we can do so much to provide pastors the tools and materials they need to help move the church Godward. Thank you for caring and for praying for us.