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Notas de abril 2011

WHEÑ my wife, Jenn, and I moved to Miami several years back, we decided to take Spanish classes.  We thought it would be a great place to meet some Americans.  Now don’t get me wrong, I grew up in Miami and love Hispanic people.  I love their culture, their passion for family, their entrepreneurial spirit, and of course their food.
Now, Jenn’s IQ is capable of putting men on the moon.  Not only is she brilliant, but she actually likes to read and study.  I know: it’s very weird.  So there was no doubt in my mind Jenn would be fluent in Spanish before the end of our first class.  With my IQ, on the other hand – well let’s just say I’ve gotten pretty good at ordering off a Spanish menu (as long as there are pictures).

In our first day of class we were joined by a dozen or so other wide-eyed gringos who like me, were fairly convinced that the only way we would ever become fluent in Spanish is if Apple or Microsoft built a microchip we could implant in our brain.
Lest you think that is far fetched, back in 2009, NEC created Tele Scouter, a set of computer –assisted eyeglasses that use imaging technology to project near real-time translations directly into your eyes.

Basically, as someone is speaking, you would be seeing subtitles beamed onto your retina.  It’s not quite ready for the general public, however.  A set of 30 costs around $8.2 million.

cheaper is the CONVERSE app coming soon to your iPhone.  It enables two people to instant message each other by typing on the keyboard in their own language and having it instantly translated to the other language.  Naturally, it was only a matter of time before there was an “app for that.”  Very cool.

At LOGOI, we love technology—especially when we can use it to glorify God.  And thus we have integrated a fantastic translation system right into our ministry plans. And guess what, it’s FREE!

I cannot tell you how wonderful it has been to finally connect and communicate with pastors and Bible teachers overseas without an interpreter. Our message system features these simple instructions, “jot a note in your language and it arrives in theirs.” It’s far from perfect, but is proving to be a tremendous tool you and I can put to use right now, today.  And as the technology improves, you can be assured it will be integrated into LOGOI as well.

So I am asking you to log onto LOGOI and try it.  You need to “sign up” (register) to use it but then we trust an entire new world will open to you.  Our hope is that you will use this technology to make new friendships with our brothers and sisters overseas who could really use some good old-fashioned prayer and encouragement.

It is a ministry you can begin and enjoy right from your computer.
And of course, we invite you to join us as we continue to develop this “new way to do missions,” even if you are technologically challenged.  We need your prayers, wisdom, and financial backing as we push forward with these new ways in our rapidly changing technologically savvy world.

So, come on, let’s do this!  It’s about time you were fluent in Spanish.

In His service,

Ed Thompson

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