Memo de Mayo y Junio 2011


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Memo de Mayo y Junio 2011


Most of us have heard the stories that when Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart was barely five years old he was composing music and could already play the piano and violin. (That may be true, but I bet he had trouble spelling his own name. That’s a mouth full.) In his short 35 years, he composed over 600 works and became one of the most influential composers of all time.

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Dolly Parton performed at the Grand Ole Opry. At 19, Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein based on a nightmare. At age 27, Charles Schulz started a comic strip called Peanuts. At 33, Theodor Geisel called himself Dr. Seuss and wrote and illustrated a children’s book called And to Think That I Saw it on Mulberry Street. It was rejected twenty-seven times before being published.

At age 45, John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, published The Hobbit and started writing The Lord of the Rings (which he finished 12 years later). At age 51, Leonardo Da Vinci started a new painting called, the Mona Lisa. At age 60, Victor Hugo published Les Misérables but didn’t think of getting any rights to future musical
versions. At age 79, Grandma Moses had her first art show. At age 80, Les Thompson is publishing his 15th book titled, Letters to Carlos.

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the ministry of LOGOI is filled with big dreams and goals, too. In fact, as culture, technology, politics, and even revolutions change our world, we believe it is time for INNOVATIONS to affect missions as well. So, we invite you to take a NEW LOOK at our totally renovated brand new way to do missions.

Right now today, LOGOI’s cloud technology (information and resources on demand), is making it possible to equip, supply, strengthen, and encourage indigenous pastors almost anywhere in the world. It is helping to solve the significant problems pastors and leaders overseas have in obtaining sound Bible resources while enabling YOU to have a very personal and meaningful ministry involvement.

It is thrilling to see how the Lord is already using our new way to help, encourage, and equip indigenous pastors and leaders overseas to effectively teach and preach God’s Word. Over 2,000 pastors and leaders have signed up and over 10,000 are now receiving our bi-monthly pastoral journals of help and encouragement— and this has all been within our testing phase! It is very exciting and rewarding.

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So we invite you to take a NEW LOOK at LOGOI and visit all of And of course, we graciously ask for your prayers and financial backing to accomplish the plans and dreams God has laid before us as we joyfully proclaim the amazing Good News of Jesus Christ.

In His service,