Mayo oración y petición 2011

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Mayo oración y petición 2011

2011 May Prayer and Praise

Miami is a hot-bed for extreme charismatic teachers. A small group of us are working to provide pastors and Sunday-School teachers with:

  1. Resources to help them always search the Scriptures for answers to make certain what they are hearing from persuasive teachers is in fact biblical.
  2. Tools to help them teach their congregations the doctrinal truths that defend Biblical faith.
    Please pray for us that we may have wisdom in answering their questions as well as show clarity in our presentations of God’s eternal truths.

Plans are moving right along for the two Pastor’s Conference in Cuba the first week of June. We will be a small group of 13…from high school sportsmen, to LOGOI board members, and family. That means Les will have plenty of help moving around the island that is not set up for wheelchairs. While Les teaches, the rest will be helping the Havana church with feeding the elderly, delivering a pig or two to a pastor, including visits to some pigs already in place at pastors’ homes. Plans are being made for the boys to meet other sportsmen and having the opportunity to share their faith. We will be BUSY but thrilled to be about the Lord’s work. Please pray that we might be a blessing to all those we meet, and especially for Les as he teaches God’s Word to the many pastors who will attend these gatherings. A special request is financial help for all the extra ítems being carried in.

We have just given our website a new look. And if you know anything about technology, it means a lot of things changed – most of them great, but some of them are still not working correctly. Pray with us as we work to maintain our ministry site easy to use and with as few errors as possible. Over 2,000 are now registered and it is thrilling to see God at work with this modern tool reaching so far and wide!

Note received from Pastor Isaac Bacab
Mérida, Yucatán, México

“Thank you so much for your prayers. When I sent the prayer request, Ulises was very grave.  Currently the diagnosis from the doctors is that he is still in delicate condition, but they have much more hope. The past two weeks he has been under intensive therapy and is now recuperating at home.

Please send my gratefulness to so many Christian brothers and sisters who united in prayer for infant Ulises.”

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