Julio 2010


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Julio 2010

It’s not that we at LOGOI haven’t given him permission to stay home and enjoy all the benefits of retirement, but he just won’t leave. And that, my friends, is a wonderful thing.  “What am I going to do,” he says, “watch soap operas?”

It’s easy for me to tell you that one of the best parts of my day is when my dad strolls in, walks right into my office and sits down for a chat.  We usually talk a bit about the family, then baseball, then family some more, and finally various LOGOI ministry things we’re working on.  It is such a great way to start the day.

While Dad’s travel schedule has been significantly reduced—OK, we grounded him for health reasons—his teaching ministry continues in full force.  LOGOI’s “New Way to do Missions” website enables pastors and Bible teachers (even you) to “ask a professor” their theological questions. Guess who they all want to talk to?  Even as I write this letter to you, Dad is busy answering a pastor’s difficult theological question.  By the way, the names are removed to protect the innocent, but all the questions and answers are catalogued and placed on our website to help other pastors and leaders struggling with the same or similar issues. Check it out.

Another one of Dad’s LOGOI jobs is to write books and articles.  Just to show us he’s not getting lazy, he’s usually working on two or three books at the same time.  One of his latest projects has a working title of “Letters to Carlos.”  Basically, it’s a series of short letters giving advice and encouragement from an “old” pastor to a “young” pastor.  Most of the topics are based on various emails he receives from pastors asking their questions.

He’s writing this book in Spanish, but we’re grabbing copies off his computer when he’s not looking and translating them into English.  We thought you’d enjoy a sneak peek of one of these letters in this month’s LOGOI update.  We think you’ll be blessed and encouraged just as much as Carlos.

Thank you for remembering LOGOI with your prayers and finances during these difficult summer months.  I suppose we don’t have to tell you just how tight things are financially.  As the Lord brings LOGOI to your thoughts, please pray and give as the Lord enables.  Our “new way to do missions” is ideal for $10 and $20 gifts that make a powerful impact on helping pastors and leaders overseas obtain the resources they need—and it makes you instantly fluent in Spanish.  Please take a moment to find a pastor, sendhim/her a message, or give them some credits to buy resources (you must be registered).

Click here to read the Letter to Carlos

Now,To serve or Be Served? That is the question.

God Bless,

Ed Thompson