Febrero oración y petición 2011


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Febrero oración y petición 2011

2011 February Prayer and Praise
How come it is already February? January went by way too fast.

LOGOI Ministry on the Web
Working in today’s modern media is so amazing. To think a website, an email, or even a twitter can change a government in today’s world! How amazing, then, that we can use this media for God’s glory. Almost 2,000 people from around the world have registered on our LOGOI site and are taking advantage of our resources. The majority of the registrants are pastors who are very grateful for the biblical and practical help that comes from this modern media. Pray for all the churches that are being fed through these “pastors on LOGOI’s web.”

We will reach 2000 registrants this month! To realize you and I are able to be part of their lives and ministries is a joy.

Here is a sampling of three who just registered:

A little about Muscarforte
By God’s mercy, I’m pastor of a small church in the town of Guasimitos, Venezuela. I come from a dysfunctional home where my father took the life of my mother when I was 6 years old. I went to the Ebenezer Bible Institute and since then I have served the Lord in ministry. I am 44 years old.
Country: Venezuela
Occupation: Pastor

A little about Cammhy
I have loved the Lord since I was fourteen. He has given me such joy and even though I’ve had a very painful life, it has all contributed to my personal growth and being sensitive to others. I love the Lord with all my heart and with all my strength and I do not see any other way than by his side. I love theology. I am a clinical neuropsychologist. I am preparing myself more and more every day.
Country: Spain
Occupation: Psicóloga

A little about Jhon Túquerres
I was born into a family disinterested in the Creator and I had no higher aspirations to study or work. I worked to eat, ate to live, and lived to die. In my early teen years, I realized every human being has a void only the Good Shepherd can fill. My family was also touched by the mercy of God and was lifted from the bottom of an economic crisis. And I found the reason for my existence: Jesus Christ.
Country: Colombia
Occupation: Social Communications student

Les’s health
We are thankful that Les is recovering from pneumonia. He is improving each day and we trust his strength will also return so that he can continue to be of assistance to all these pastors and friends who write and call and visit. Thank you for your prayers and please continue.