Enero oración y petición 2011


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Enero oración y petición 2011

2011 January Prayer and Praise

As this new year begins, we are challenged with all the work that is ahead of us regarding our LOGOI ministry.  We will always have Bible materials we are preparing for pastors who look to us for timely, biblical help.  And questions continue coming in that need answering.  The people who have registered on our website are still learning how to use it to their advantage.  But here we go!  Another year with huge challenges and great anticipation of what is yet to come.

Gratitude from around the world

We sent a simple little Christmas card through the email to everyone.  What a joy and thrill to return after Christmas and see the hundreds of people who wrote to say thank you – not just for the card, but for the help and encouragement they had been receiving all year.  They encouraged us to keep going forward because of their need.


A return visit to Cuba was scheduled for February 2011. However, Les has had a severe case of double pneumonia over the holidays. It was not easy to be wheezing and coughing with all his doctors out of town. We became frequent visitors at our Emergency Walk In Center…and we ended up at the hospital for a week. So, pray with us for his health and wellness. Cuba will have to wait…again.