Carolyn’s New Year 2012


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Carolyn’s New Year 2012

Dear Family and  Friends,

I have a new favorite word:  FOREVER.  I seem to hear it all the time now that I am so aware of it.

As you know, 2011 was my final year on earth with Les.  But he is forever in his heavenly home with the Lord. And as you have probably already read, his last word on earth was “forever.”  We were reciting Psalm 23 and with his normal voice he looked me right in the eyes and said, “FOREVER.”  A few hours later, he quietly moved to his new forever home.  It was five months ago on August 30.

I am not a heroine, so yes, I am lonely and often very sad. I have so many wonderful memories and I keep finding, remembering , reading, or hearing something that immediately produces my “sweet tears.”  How I loved my Les and how I deeply miss him. But then I just have to think of him completely restored and that he is face to face with the Lord — and that same Lord of our lives gives me courage.

So life goes on:  and in wonderful ways: on November 12, I became a great-grandmother. Corrine Alaina, arrived to join our family.  Our firstborn grandchild, Mary, and her husband, Joel, welcomed Corrine Alaina to their home in Atlanta.  I look forward to meeting her very soon. A precious new life!

A year ago last Christmas, Les performed the wedding ceremony for Grandson Matt and his beautiful bride, Laura.  I remember him saying, “This will be my last wedding.”  Of course, I didn’t give it much thought.  In January, he was hospitalized with pneumonia, and he recovered.  We began to say, “Today is a gift.  Let’s enjoy it.” And we did.

Les never wanted to miss out on anything and we did all we could:  out to dinner, off to all of Grandson David’s ball games, to church as he was able, and of course, getting to the office was his daily goal.

He had three great goals last year:

  1. Finish his book, Letters to Carlos
  2. Go back to Cuba one more time and give the course he had promised to give on worldliness
  3. Celebrate our 50th Anniversary

He accomplished them all – with great joy.

And now I am learning to keep going without the amazing man God gave me for so many years.  I am not one to sit at home and be silent.  So, here is just a short list of things I am very grateful for – things that keep me going:

  • Having the Ed family right here. They are taking such sweet care of me.
  • Going to David’s ball games – he has set records in football and baseball.  It looks like I will get to watch him some more at the University of Miami where he has been granted a full scholarship. (That is, if the major league baseball people don’t grab him up!)
  • Working at LOGOI and keeping up with all our LOGOI Family.
  • My four sons and their families.  What a joy each and every one is and how tenderly they are watching over me.
  • My (our) home. It is almost as if Les is there and I am comforted and at peace in our comfortable and restful home.
  • Above all:  God’s great love and care for me. Just me!  I have always been the one alongside Les – always quick to say he and our family were my focus. I was never the one out front, but now I cannot hide behind Les anymore, so here I am –just me– happy to belong to God’s forever family.

What Les began here at LOGOI is still going strong.  Thanks to all he did to give it life and biblical credibility, we continue to have amazing opportunities to help Spanish pastors and leaders.  Ed is working hard expanding LOGOI even more with global and electronic media. The impact LOGOI has made — and continues to make throughout the Spanish world— will last forever.

Thank you for the wonderful words of encouragement, love and prayer you continue to send my way.

Forever grateful and forever blessed,

Carolyn Thompson

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