Paul Thompson

Paul Thompson was born of missionary parents in Cuba, where he spent his formative years. He studied in Canada, Columbia International University, and Denver Seminary, and went on to pioneer the church planting efforts of Worldteam in Madrid, Spain, where he was instrumental in establishing a cluster of churches. The “organic” model for church planting, which he developed, aims at producing spontaneously reproducing churches. In 1985 Worldteam leadership commissioned Paul to establish what is now known as Worldteam Institute, a month-long intensive training program for new and veteran church planters. Worldteam Institute continues to influence those who are looking for hands-on training in establishing churches cross-culturally.

Paul has published numerous articles in national magazines, has traveled as a consultant in church planting throughout Europe, Africa, South America, and the Caribbean. Paul has made frequent visits to Cuba and is regarded as a chief catalyst of a growing movement of church multiplication in the island. Paul is now creating a hands-on leadership center in the Dominican Republic. He and wife Carol are parents of three children, all married, and proud grandparents to two boys and three girls.

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