Emilio Antonio Nuñez

Dr. Emilio Antonio Núñez Castañeda (6/5/1923—1/14/2015) was widely regarded as one of the foremost biblical scholars in Latin America. Born in El Salvador, he lived in Guatemala since 1944. He was founder and first rector of the Central American Theological Seminary, and founding member of the Latin American Theological Fraternity. He earned a B.A. History and Philosophy from Southern Methodist University, and both Th.M. and Th.D. from Dallas Theological Seminary (1964 and 1969, respectively). He studied at the Faculty of Philosophy and Theology of Barcelona and in the Universidad Francisco Marroquín, 1979.

Dr. Nuñez taught theology for over sixty-five years. He held administrative positions as Director of the Department of Theology and Rector of SETECA. He authored several books and articles, including: Crisis and Hope in Latin America, co-author with William Taylor, Towards a Latin American Evangelical Missiology, Theology and Mission: A Perspective from Latin America; Pastoral Challenges, Contemporary Apostolic Movement.

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