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The Lighthouse Keeper

By Les Thompson


Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse in the Beagle Channel, southern Argentina

Where l live, in sunny south Florida, it is hard to think of living in icy, cold places.

At the tip of South America, in the Patagonia (shared by Argentina and Chile), the weather is more like Alaska’s. Their winters are long and dark. Summers are short, with unbelievable winds that drive people indoors; you literally have to walk at a slant if you go out.

Way down there at the Beagle Channel, LOGOl has had a study group of students. One of them works at the lighthouse that warns the ships of the channel’s treacherous entrance. His job is to keep the gas lamp lit at the top of the lighthouse, no matter the stormy and icy weather.

On one occasion, he almost missed his LOGOl exam because of a terrible storm. On the assigned day and time, our LOGOl coordinator traveled south to meet with the students and give the exam, not to return for another twelve weeks. The LOGOl coordinator stayed at the church as long as he could, and then returned to the Punta Arenas airport. However, the wind was too strong and the plane could not take off.

Too late, the light keeper arrived at the church. He had missed his exam. He didn’t want to wait another three months to continue his studies. Could it be that the “giver-of-the-exam” might still be at the airport? He battled the wind again and arrived at the airport and there was the coordinator, stayed by the forceful winds. As far as the light keeper was concerned, stayed by the Lord Himself! As the light keeper sat and prayerfully took his exam at the airport, our coordinator’s heart was filled with overwhelming gladness. To think he was preparing the Beagle Channel light keeper for double duty: to warn ships of danger ahead, and to proclaim to sinners the safe shelter in our Lord Jesus.

What diligence, determination and desire to study God’s Word! May we all keep our lights shining for Him.