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Sexual Temptation

by Randy Alcorn

Establishing guardrails and winning the battle

In a world that makes sex an idol, we are fooling ourselves if we think immorality’s lure will have no effect on us. It is possible with God’s help to live sexually pure lives. But what we lack, and desperately need, is a deeper understaning of our vulnerability, and clear, preventive guidelines we can follow to avoid immorality.

There are two ways to address the danger of falling off a cliff. One is to positition ambulances and paramedics at the bottom. Another is to post warning signs and build a guardrail at the top. Of course, ambulances are important. But this booklet is intended as a warning sign and a guardrail, with the prayer that fewer ambulances will be needed.

This battle for sexual purity is far more fierce and strategic than any battle ever fought on a physical battlefield. No one prepares for a battle he isn’t aware of, and no one wins a battle he doesn’t prepare for.

The guardrails on the road of purity stand between us and destruction.