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Popular Bible Dictionary

This resource, inspired by El diccionario popular de la Biblia compiled by Juan Rojas, draws its information from Easton’s Bible Dictionary, a public domain work originally produced by Matthew George Easton M.A., D.D., as well as other free online resources.


The Popular Bible Dictionary is just what we need, and with good reason! Many wish to study the Bible, understand it, and become familiar with the names of the people, places and objects it discusses. This work places a wealth of basic information about the Holy Bible within reach.

More than 5,000 names and subjects
are addressed simply and precisely!

The Popular Bible Dictionary is a concise source for invaluable information for pastors, students, church members, and anyone interested in expanding, clarifying, or deepening their knowledge of the Scriptures. 

The Popular Bible Dictionary covers:

WORD MEANINGS: This work compares the significance of the modern term to the original Greek or Hebrew. This helps capture the true meaning and context of the Biblical text.

CHRONOLOGY: Knowledge of the biblical timeline is extremely important to studying and understanding Scripture.

THEOLOGY: The dictionary explains frequently used biblical terms, such as “sin”, “salvation”, “sanctification”, and numerous others.

GEOGRAPHY: The dictionary pays close attention to precise descriptions of cities, mountains, rivers, and other geographic locations —all essential to understanding historic events.

BIOGRAPHY: The dictionary gives special attention to describing every biblical person, including their historical, theological and spiritual significance.