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My Last Job

Testimony of Dr. Gonzalo Cuní


I arrived in Miami the first of December in 1965 as a Cuban refugee. The day after Christmas I felt alone, desolate, overwhelmed with grief and frustration over all I had left behind. Now I was in such a different and strange environment for a man of my advanced age. I did not know God, but I daringly began to pray.  In my prayers I asked if he could somehow help me. After I prayed, I felt sure that God had heard me and would answer.

A few days later I was invited to visit a little Methodist Church that was close to my daughter’s apartment. I arrived at the church with my wife and before long, I was listening to the President of LOGOI, Leslie Thompson, who was preaching the Word of God. While he was speaking (February 20, 1966), I realized that he was God’s answer to that prayer I made the day after Christmas.

Little did I realize then that God had a completely new field of work for me. I thought I was retired. I had been a dentist, scientist, taught mathematics, served as professor of physics and chemistry in the Pre-university Institute in Matanzas and finished my career as Sub-secretary of Education and Director of the Public Treasury for the Island of Cuba.  Nevertheless, here I was at the age of 74, being offered the job of helping in the publishing of Christian literature.

Here, finally at LOGOI, at the end of my long life, is where I found complete joy. I am now 81 years old.  I had learned much of the wisdom of the world, but just now in my old age I have come to learn about the Gospel. Here at LOGOI I have also learned to pray and sing.  I have learned to know the Bible – a book I had never bothered to study before. Now my life has a completely different outlook and my horizons have grown larger. And as if this were not enough, I have discovered love.  I dreamed there should be people in the world who could truly love one another.  My dream came true when I found Christ and true Christian friendship.