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Muddy Boy, an illustrated
childrens’ book

Order your hard copy today for $10 and receive a digital copy to enjoy immediately!

The Muddy Boy tells the true story of a little boy living with his mommy in a poor barrio in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Their tiny house is built on stilts above a polluted river. One day, Diego, the “Muddy Boy,” encounters a missionary wearing a nice white shirt. What happens next helps us understand God’s love for each of us.

Muddy Boy is the third book in our series of children’s books, designed to help create a love for others and a heart for missions in the lives of our young ones. This particular story has a powerful Gospel message of how putting our faith in Jesus Christ cleans us up—every single spot! It’s a great conversation starter that can be read and talked about over and over again.

We encourage you to order all three books in the “On a Mission Together” bundle for only $24 or read the other stories too for $10 each.


You can keep them for your little ones or give them away! They’re great for:

  • Parents with elementary aged children
  • Grandparents with young grandchildren
  • Children’s Sunday School classes and ministries
  • Church library
  • Vacation Bible Schooler