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Monkeys in my Coconut Tree

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This book is a compilation of fun, easy-to-read stories of family and faith. With a healthy dose of humor, an engaging outlook on life, and relatable family hijinks, these chapters will make you laugh and perhaps even cry. Many of these stories first appeared as a newspaper article or in a LOGOI Ministry update and have been enhanced for this book. We pray each one will serve as a joyful reminder that “God loves us with unfailing love; the LORD’s faithfulness endures forever. Praise the LORD!” (Psalm 117:2).

Monkeys in my Coconut Tree was named Silver Medal Winner in the Readers’ Favorite 2016 International Book Awards!




Review Rating: 5 stars! Reviewed By Jane Finch for Readers’ Favorite

Monkeys in my Coconut Tree by Ed Thompson is a compilation of twenty short stories which relate to everyday life events, but reflect on the lesson learned and how a simple experience can reinforce the relationship with his heavenly father. Each analogy is backed up with verses from the Bible and his words are sound and encouraging. This is an ideal book to pick up each day and read one of the stories, smile at the writer’s clear sense of humor, and then contemplate the more hidden meaning behind the simple tales. The book also gave an insight into Ed Thompson as a person – how he views the world around him. The book cover is eye-catching and a clever addition, given that one of the stories in this book has the same title.”

5 stars! Reviewed By Deborah Stone for Readers’ Favorite

“Ed Thompson has the unique gift of relating serious information in a humorous and captivating way. It is hard to put this book down; the humor and wit draw you in and hold your attention chapter after chapter. Ed Thompson has a special way of sharing the Gospel of Christ and His hope by using day-to-day experiences that we can all relate to. Ed’s stories are entertaining and every story takes us to the scriptures and a relatable lesson on how God operates in our everyday lives. This book encourages us to keep a sense of humor in the worst of times and each verse cited reminds us that we are not doing this alone.”

5 stars! Reviewed By Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers’ Favorite

“Life is a parable, a simple story full of many lessons if only we are open enough to listen and to learn.

Ed Thompson, born into a family of preachers and missionaries (at least two generations worth), came by his faith with fervent passion and was able to overcome the possible interest in becoming a Buddhist monk like his childhood hero in the TV show, “Kung Fu.”  But Ed never did learn Kung Fu or judo, so his initial dream of becoming a Kung Fu Christian didn’t materialize.  In fact, as the author admits in Monkeys in My Coconut Tree, he is anything but a Kung Fu Christian as he is “a deeply flawed, weak and unworthy sinner saved by God’s grace.” But he does have a way with words and he does have a pocket full of stories to help all of us work our way through the mire of this difficult, challenging, but also joyful journey called life.

This is a book of parables, family stories for young and young at heart. It is full of joy, sorrow, and humor and it’s a real pleasure to read and study. A very compassionate collection. And yes, there was a monkey in his childhood tree. There is a story of the monkey as well.”

Ed Thompson “Hardly anyone knows this,” Ed Thompson says with a smile, “but I’m really quite famous.” He is the President of LOGOI Ministries, a Spanish ministry that provides on-the-job Bible training and encouragement to thousands of national Spanish-speaking pastors and missionaries every week. He is a featured columnist for Miami’s Community Newspapers and his humorous articles have appeared in dozens of newspapers and parenting magazines. Also, as a recording artist, three singles from his “Beautiful Feet” CD reached Top 10 status on Christian Radio & Retails spin charts. He has performed his “Ed”ertainment concerts from coast to coast.

Ed is a graduate of Wheaton College and a proud dad and granddad.