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Lázaro’s Dream Team, an illustrated childrens’ book

Lázaro’s Dream Team: Lázaro, a little boy growing up in a poor barrio of Cuba, loves baseball. Although he has to make baseballs out of rags and bats out of sticks, each “rag ball” fuels his dreams of playing professional baseball in Cuba.

Oftentimes, however, God fulfills our dreams in ways we never expect. In “Lázaro’s Dream Team,” you will learn that God can use the dreams and desires in our hearts for great purposes and see that His loving hand is on us even when we don’t know it.

Enjoy this sweet and true story as you read and talk to your little ones remembering that God often uses the things we love for His purposes and glory — even baseball!

A special Teaching Lesson about the story of Lazaro is now ready to download with the purchase of  the book online!

Meet Lázaro from Cuba!