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How long were Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden?


¿How long were Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden before they ate the forbidden fruit?


The Bible doesn’t say. When we read the story of Adam and Eve we think that they were created one week and sinned the next. That is incorrect. In fact, I believe they enjoyed paradise for nearly 85 years.

My reasoning is this: In Genesis 5 we see that Adam was 130 years old when his son Seth was born. I believe this was his third child, after Cain (Adam and Eve’s firstborn) and Abel (their second child). We know that while Adam and Eve were in the garden, God did not give them children, knowing that they would disobey (the Bible states in several occasions that God controls birth). If Adam was 130 when Seth was born, and Cain killed his brother Abel when they were young adults, I subtract 40 years to allow these births to take place. That would allow us to assume that Adam and Eve enjoyed the Garden of Eden some 90 years before they ate from the forbidden fruit.

Les Thompson
Ministerios LOGOI