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Am I to blame for my child’s illness?

Question: Am I to blame for my child’s illness?

Answer: Don’t you ever believe that idea that you’re to blame for someone else’s physical problems. One thing that Satan uses to keep us from faith is to put guilt on us for something we can do nothing about. Even when it comes to our own sin; Jesus took the penalty—all of it. If we were to suffer for it again, it would be like double jeopardy, or that what Jesus did for us did not count, so we must suffer for it, too. No, all of us live our own lives and face our own responsibilities for our actions. However, a mother’s pain for her children is very natural and proper. God even illustrates His pain on our behalf using that example (Isaiah 66:13). That’s why children trust parents. So, though you go through the valley of death for your sick loved ones, that’s the same thing God does for us when we suffer pain—another name for love. But the blame for that sickness is not yours to bear.

If you extend the reason, all sickness is the fault of Adam and Eve: it’s sin that has weakened our natural bodies; and in God’s providence, some are allowed to have more sickness and suffering than others. Again, as Christians, sickness in us or in someone we love is not a punishment for personal sin. Jesus took care of that punishment forever when He died on the cross for our sins! It is just part of being a member of this sinful human race. Heaven will finally take care of that: no pain, no tears, no sickness, and no longer sin of any kind. But we haven’t gotten there yet, so we get ready for whatever God allows, and rejoice that we have such a Savior. Now, be your happy self and keep on enjoying life to the fullest in Jesus’s name.

Les Thompson