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Am I Good Enough?

By Richard B. Ramsay


“Do you believe in God?,” I finally dared to ask my friend, after years of being afraid of his answer. He had never recovered his faith since the class he took in philosophy. The professor declared that he would try to convince us all that God did not exist, and he apparently succeeded with my friend. “What do you mean? What kind of God?” “A personal God, you know, one who answers prayers,” I explained. “God has never answered any of my prayers. I have seen just as many answers by praying to the light bulb on the ceiling!” I would have preferred a dagger in my stomach. It saddened me deeply, because I realized that he didn’t know God. Although he had grown up in a Christian family, and had attended church twice every Sunday for his whole youth, he didn’t have a personal relationship with the Lord. For many people, God seems far away and impersonal. They feel just as close to a light bulb. How about you? These lessons will show you that the Bible reveals a God who loves us, relates to us, hears us, speaks to us, and takes care of us. Nothing is more important than developing a personal relationship with God.