Getting Started

Connecting Pastors in Gospel Ministries with Supporters

At LOGOI, we strive to connect pastors of South American gospel ministries with U.S.-based supporters in order to ensure adequate pastoral training and resources, and aide the creation of meaningful relationships—ultimately helping to spread the gospel.

The goal is mighty, but the process is simple. Here's how to get started:


For supporters, LOGOI provides a new way to do missions by extending support for pastors beyond mission donations or one-time trips. Our network enables true connection and ongoing support.

  Step 1 Create a Profile

To get involved with gospel ministries close to your heart, begin by creating your personal profile. Share your interests and perhaps reasons for your passion in specific ministry types or geographic areas.

Step 2 Find Pastors

Find the pastors of gospel ministries you are interested in. Share ideas, find ways to connect or explore mission trip opportunities with specific pastors.

Step 3 View Wishlists

Explore pastor's Wishlists or browse by requested resource. Discover all the ways you can provide support for pastors.

Step 4 Donate Resources or Give Credits

Help, equip and encourage pastors by donating requested resources to one or multiple ministries, or by purchasing and donating credits to be used toward any resource request. Your mission donations provide the resources necessary to spread the Gospel.

Step 5 Connect

Develop relationships and get involved with pastors in a very personal way so you can witness first-hand the results of your support and encouragement, and learn how your continued assistance can help.



For pastors, LOGOI provides the help, advice and encouragement of a support network in the form of pastoral training, educational resources and other ministry assistance.

  Step 1 Create a Profile

Share the story of your ministry, your passions and the work you're doing.

Step 2 Find People

Search and connect with other pastors in similar ministries to share ideas, or find supporters interested in providing aid through prayer, mission donations or trips, and more.

Step 3 Search Resources & Create a Wishlist

Browse LOGOI's library, and read excerpts and reviews. Then create a personal Wishlist of the resources that would benefit your ministry work.

Step 4 Access Resources

Download the specific resources you have been gifted or redeem Wishlist credits. Our completely digital format makes it easy to download and access resources right on your desktop.

Step 5 Connect

Develop relationships with supporters and other pastors to encourage ongoing fellowship and support. Explore off-line mission opportunities, share successes and inform supporters of new or ongoing needs.


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