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2013 December Prayer and Praise We are still rejoicing over the wonderful Pastors’ Conference in Nicaragua as we follow up on all those who are now part of our weekly LOGOIgrams. Ed, his son David (the baseball player at University of Miami) and I are going to Cuba the second week of December.  Al Valdes… Read More»

Al Valdes, Patty Torrelio and I had a wonderful trip to Nicaragua for a pastor’s conference. Over 200 were in attendance.  They sat through 13 sessions on how to preach and financial care in their churches and homes.  I was the first on the program — and pretty nervous.  Thank you so much for your… Read More»

Ed has been to a conference designed to help us with new ideas to attract new ministry partners.  Pray that we will be able to keep LOGOI’s ministry vibrant and impactful.  Week by week we are thrilled with the responses and new people signing up from all over the Spanish world.  (Les would be thrilled… Read More»

August 2013 Prayer and Praise It often feels as if summer months make missions invisible in our world. But we remain very visible throughout the Spanish world! Our weekly LOGOIGRAMAS reach out to thousands of pastors and leaders, and we love getting responses. Here are some: Cuba: the government has begun to allow their citizens… Read More»

Al Valdes returned from teaching a series on “How to really Study the Bible” at a Pastor’s Conference in Nicaragua.  As he introduced our FLET on-line courses to them, dozens of pastors stood in line to sign up.  Pray they will commit themselves to study and thank the Lord for their sincere interest. Piénsalo; (our… Read More»

It’s all about CUBA this month! …and more. We had a wonderful visit from Norberto Quesada, the director of Los Pinos Association in Cuba, the work that was founded by Elmer Thompson, Les’s father. The church is growing and growing, and as Ed reported in April’s letter, over 7,000 people are taking Bible courses there… Read More»

Al Valdes just came back from Guatemala where he was able to connect with leaders from across the Spanish world, and re-introduce LOGOI/FLET courses. He came back with many new names of people not only interested in studying God’s Word, but he was also able to spread more news about FLET. He was again reminded… Read More»

We are thrilled with the activity on LOGOI’s Facebook: it is reaching thousands of Spanish people who are probably not pastors and leaders but seekers and believers — people interested enough to want to open our page to find answers and learn more about our wonderful Savior and Lord. It is a whole new “adventure”… Read More»

I have been busy at mission conferences and now here comes a women’s retreat. I have asked the Lord to give me peace and rest in this new experience of speaking. Lots of sleepless nights give me time to talk to the Lord. I have gone into Les’s books to see what he has written,… Read More»

PRAY for God’s blessing as we make a “BIG SPLASH” introducing our “new and improved” FLET Bible study courses. The new version is being made available electronically on our website for where ever Spanish is spoken. Over 60 people have already signed up. We are praying many hundreds will join to study together. Here we… Read More»

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