Prayer Requests

  We are rejoicing in a wonderful start to the new year! A local church is going to begin using our FLET courses to have a seminary in their church. The pastor took our courses long ago and learned so much that he is going to introduce his church to these studies now. To begin,… Read More»

Pray for the national pastors and ministry leaders who are busy preparing for this Christmas season in their churches or neighborhoods. I have seen the excitement in Peru when the Samaritan’s Purse shoebox brigade is due to arrive and almost with fear because so many want to be first in line. While this great ministry goes… Read More»

Last month Al Valdés, our LOGOI professor, (front row, light blue shirt) was in Los Angeles, California introducing our FLET studies to a large Hispanic church. He taught a class to the people who signed up to study and helped the pastor with his ideas and plans. (The pastor limited the number and it maxed… Read More»

Venezuela seems to once again be in political and economic crisis.  Serious inflation and shortages of every kind are causing unrest and protests.  The collapse of international oil prices has also intensified Venezuela’s problems. The government is becoming more authoritarian and citizens seem to be on edge. (xx) While all of this is happening there, LOGOI has… Read More»

PRAISE: Many have been praying that God would use our updated “Diccionario Popular de la Biblia” to help and bless those who receive our materials. Every day someone is downloading it and making it theirs. But this is just the “diccionario.” We see new people signing up to take our Bible courses every week, too.… Read More»

PRAISE: I just finished working on our Bible dictionary (El diccionario de la Biblia) — getting it updated for the web.  The book had a few pictures in black and white but when I finished, it was full of color. I was sad when I finished it because it has been such a blessing and worshipful… Read More»

PRAISE: Summertime means VBS around the country. What a privilege to be “Grandma Carolyn,” the missionary storyteller at Christ Community Church in Titusville, Florida. Children respond to God’s Word so openly and this little crowd was amazing. Also, they did a “noisy offering” for FiveDollarMission and raised $156.46 to help 31 national missionaries. May the… Read More»

PRAISE: I got to see one of our national missionaries, Neri Gonzalez in Mexico last month. He and his wife are church planters in a very poor neighborhood in Cancun. What a joy to see his church growing with 120 attending and a church building going up. The area is not a safe one, yet… Read More»

PRAISE: The joy of seeing national missionaries signing up for our FLET Bible courses fills our hearts with praise. They are signing up from Mexico to Argentina on a regular basis. We know God’s Word never returns empty, so join us in prayer as new students begin their Bible courses. The most recent course we… Read More»

PRAISE: Even though the pastor’s conference in Nicaragua passed us by in February – it still seems like yesterday that we were there rejoicing with them. Our internet world is still a distant dream for many of the pastors in Nicaragua. It is a very poor country and the pastors are humble, kind, gentle — and… Read More»

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