Prayer Requests

Prayer and Praise June 2012 Al Valdes, LOGOI’s Bible Education Director, will be going to Nicaragua for a pastor’s conference. He will focus his teaching on how to study the Bible and how to prepare sermons (homiletics). He will be doing what Les always did – bringing God’s Word to pastors who are eager to… Read More»

Here is something different this month. Each person on the list is a pastor or evangelist and each one has been sent the item below that was requested on their WISHLIST on our website. As you look at this, please pray for these men, their ministries, and their families. And then look at what they… Read More»

2012 April Prayer and Praise Easter in Latin America can be a very intense and sad time for those trying to earn their way into heaven. People make sacrificial pilgrimages to the Catholic Churches to seek forgiveness and peace – focusing on the death of Christ instead of the risen Savior. Pray for the evangelical… Read More»

LOGOI is offering a contest to our Spanish subscribers who are college age. We are asking for an article that tells how the church is influencing his/her life. We have not asked anything from this age group before but know they are there. Pray that God will use this contest to bring glory and encouragement… Read More»

We began 2012 with a Board Meeting and received great encouragement, prayer and expertise from godly men. One of our former LOGOI staff members has returned to work with us!  Al Valdes was Les’s key assistant for eight years primarily involved in developing and teaching Bible courses. We are so thankful to have him back… Read More»

I took a moment to review the 2011 prayer requests. There are so many special memories, especially since most were written by Les. How passionate he was, even until his last breath! And then, due to his illness and death, it has been a while since we have sent you any prayer updates. But you… Read More»

2011 May Prayer and Praise (REPEAT) SPECIAL PASTORS’ PROJECT FOR MIAMI Miami is a hot-bed for extreme charismatic teachers. A small group of us are working to provide pastors and Sunday-School teachers with: Resources to help them always search the Scriptures for answers to make certain what they are hearing from persuasive teachers is in… Read More»

2011 April Prayer and Praise SPECIAL PASTOR’S PROJECT FOR MIAMI Miami is a hot-bed for extreme Charismatic teachers. A small group of us are working to provide pastors and Sunday-School teachers with: resources to help them search the Scriptures for answers rather than to listen to these erring persuasive teachers. Tools to help them teach… Read More»

2011 March Prayer and Praise TIPS ON PRAYING FOR CHRISTIANS WE’VE NEVER MET From a fellow missionary, Epaphras, Paul learns about a group of people who have turned to the gospel. His immediate reaction is to pray for them: “since we heard of your faith in Christ Jesus and of the love that you have… Read More»

2011 February Prayer and Praise How come it is already February? January went by way too fast. LOGOI Ministry on the Web Working in today’s modern media is so amazing. To think a website, an email, or even a twitter can change a government in today’s world! How amazing, then, that we can use this… Read More»

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