The night before my daughter got married on December 28, she handed me a small gift. Appropriately it was a handkerchief. It was monogrammed with these words, “No ugly crying. I love you, Abby.” She knows me well.

Hello 2015! So now I am a year older – just like you! And so is LOGOI Ministries. I have literally spent the majority of my life with LOGOI. When I married Les at the ripe age of 19, I feel like I married LOGOI, too, and what a joy to have kept in touch with so many of you through the years.

Well, here it is. In just a few days, I will walk my daughter, Abby, down the aisle. Family is starting to gather for what will be a gorgeous Christmas wedding. My wife is scrambling with last minute preparations, Abby looks more beautiful than I have ever seen her, and I am practicing my one line, “Her mother and I.”

If you’re wondering, no, I have never been able to watch the “Father of the Bride” movie without tearing up. The scene that always gets to me is when Steve Martin (the dad) is playing basketball in the driveway with his daughter (Kimberly Williams-Paisley — now the wife of one my favorite country singers). As… Read More»

It’s come to my attention that I was getting a bit out of shape so I joined a neighborhood gym next to a Cuban bakery. I wanted to be able to reward myself with guava pastry after my vigorous workouts.

Visit: http://edthompsonlive.wordpress.com/ “Hardly anyone knows this…but I’m really quite famous.” I’ve performed my “Ed”ertainment concerts in just about every state in the U.S., won a nationwide talent contest, recorded several albums/CD’s, published a children’s book and dozens of humorous articles in newspapers and magazines, and ate an asparagus (it was an accident). Many remember the… Read More»

BACK IN AUGUST OF 1961, Les and Carolyn Thompson met a kindly couple where a 53-year partnership would begin. The couple had modest means, but were intrigued with the young, newly married couple and took on a bit of financial support and the promise to pray. Early this month, we received a short, handwritten note… Read More»

My Dad kept his wallet in his back right pocket. I remember it being thick and full of things like credit cards, business cards, a little cash, and notes he had torn from pieces of paper. There was also the plastic photo holder filled with pictures of me, my brothers, and my mom. Dad was… Read More»

  My Dad’s favorite singer was Perry Como, or as Bing Crosby referred to him, “the man who invented casual.” I can picture Dad sitting in the living room with his eyes closed and head tilted back soaking up Como’s every note. “Now that is a singer,” he would say, “every note is effortless.” “Mr.… Read More»

APPARENTLY, what my mother really wants this Mother’s Day is a Miami Dolphin’s t-shirt. At least that’s what the email I just received says. I’m a bit confused, however, because another email said what my mother really wants is an iPad. Macy’s tells me she really wants a particular heart-shaped necklace and Sharper Image says… Read More»

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