IT’S THE MIDDLE OF SEPTEMBER, which means Christmas is roughly 100 days away. I’m certain one or two of my relatives have already completed their Christmas shopping and sadly, will never experience the last minute holiday panic to which I’ve grown accustomed.

My kids recently sent me a few new shirts. Apparently, my current shirts were too…”Goulet-ish.”

The above quote has been etched onto many a poster, sign and card. Chances are good you’ve quoted a version of it to someone you love or perhaps even to yourself. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine the chapter we’re in could be any better… or any worse.

I had a lot of fun constantly asking Abby, “What kind of a dog is that?” When she’d answer, “dachshund,” I’d smile and say, “God bless you.” My daughter had been away almost 18 months working as a nanny in Australia when she was reunited with Bentley a few weeks before her wedding. Before she… Read More»

You can often find me down the first base line about half way up the stands during University of Miami home baseball games. I have a small camcorder in my hand and 2x “reader” glasses on my nose because those little three inch viewing screens are way too small. The camcorder is pointed at number 8, my favorite UM baseball player. Read More…

Lazaro loves baseball. He was never quite good enough to make the Cuban national team, but he found his niche in coaching. He has started a church team and got other churches to do the same. Today he runs a church league where some of the nation’s top talent often play. “Baseball teaches us about… Read More»

The night before my daughter got married on December 28, she handed me a small gift. Appropriately it was a handkerchief. It was monogrammed with these words, “No ugly crying. I love you, Abby.” She knows me well.

Hello 2015! So now I am a year older – just like you! And so is LOGOI Ministries. I have literally spent the majority of my life with LOGOI. When I married Les at the ripe age of 19, I feel like I married LOGOI, too, and what a joy to have kept in touch with so many of you through the years.

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