Warm summer greetings from Miami. I wanted to send you a personal letter to keep you in the loop regarding LOGOI. First, our ministry in Cuba remains vibrant.  You will be excited to know some 7,000 people in Cuba are using our Bible courses.  The vast majority of this group are new believers being trained… Read More»

If you were to look up the word “mother” in the dictionary, you may be quite disappointed to find this blasé definition; “a female parent.”  That’s sort of like defining the sun as, “a big light.” Both are true, but neither definition gets close to what the real thing is.  Besides, everyone knows that being… Read More»

So stated the famous American industrialist, Henry Ford.  Of course, he also thought the Edsel was a good idea, so he wasn’t right about everything. I’ve been thinking much about expectations these days. My youngest son, you see, is a student-athlete at the University of Miami. He enrolled this past June with many ascribed “high… Read More»

I REMEMBER AS IF IT WERE YESTERDAY. It was a hot summer day and as usual, I was shoeless. My little five-year-old feet carried me into our small storage room where I was determined to find out why my Dad had warned me; “Never stick anything into a wall socket.”  I had a screwdriver in… Read More»

But it’s Valentine’s month and so I’ll be vulnerable.  First, I am a happily married, relatively athletic, ESPN addicted male who donated two knees to his college football team. I have watched all 53 Rocky movies. Plus, I drive a pick-up truck.  If that doesn’t scream “all male,” what does? I have gone 50 years… Read More»

I keep thinking I will be finishing with writing an annual letter… but Ed keeps asking me if my letter is written. So hello again and Happy 2013! I have been discovering this year that even though I am alone and will forever miss Les, I am continuing on – even with joy in my… Read More»

Do you wish you were incredibly rich? Imagine, living in a small mansion in the nicest part of town. Wouldn’t it be great to eat at the finest establishments, drive the most luxurious of cars and travel the world first class? And of course, wouldn’t it be wonderful to give away lavish amounts of money to… Read More»

Adoption Certificate Please click here to download your large copy of this certificate that you can print. NOTE from Les: As I read my Adoption Certificate, I became very embarrassed. My mind went back to a little boy in Colombia… I was teaching in Colombia when I met a man who was the janitor of… Read More»

Adoption Certificate Ornament Download  the 8.5×11 Template for 2 pages. Print each sheet and paste them back to back. You can print them at 95% to fit completely on paper. Face each like these photos. Fold the top on the dotted line A. Then fold the bottom on dotted line B. Open the folds up… Read More»

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