I remember how fun it was to meet a former Olympian and National Greco-Roman Wrestling Champion.  Especially since he was a student in our FLET Bible School and he was standing in the church auditorium my grandfather built in Cuba. His name is Angel and he is over 6’ tall and burly.  His years as… Read More»

Not too long ago, I was speaking at a mission conference and met a young family excited about moving overseas to become missionaries.  They were a handsome family.  The father was tall and lean and reminded me of the branch manager at my local bank.  His wife was well dressed and manicured and I guessed… Read More»

Remember those good old days when the entire church got excited about your annual mission conference?  You have to “remember,” because for most, it’s been years since our mission conference was anything but exciting. I distinctly remember two young families happily walking into my church only to discover it was “Mission Sunday.”  I saw their… Read More»

I realize that sounds sacrilegious, but it’s true.  He did fix my lawnmower.  In fact, I see and talk to Jesus just about every day and believe me, it’s quite comforting.  He’s always warm and friendly, eager to listen and help, and is very good at fixing things. He lives in the house next door.… Read More»

(A fun and true summer read-aloud story) There are monkeys in my coconut tree. No, really.  Little capuchin monkeys— the “organ-grinder” kind.  We live a few miles from the Miami Metro Zoo and assume they escaped after one of our hurricanes.  If so, they hiked several miles before finding the county-protected wooded area behind our… Read More»

As a reminder, Piénsalo is simply the Spanish version of Steve Brown’s popular, “You Think About That” 60 second radio broadcasts.  I searched far and wide for a booming Spanish voice similar to Steve’s, but quickly realized it was fruitless.  But we did find a local Spanish pastor who dearly loves the Lord, is a… Read More»

We wanted you to know that this Sunday, June 9th, over 400 pastors across Cuba will be preaching one of my Dad’s sermons. Rather amazing! A few months ago,”Pachy”, the Director of the Los Pinos Nuevos churches in Cuba (the denomination begun by my Grandfather), was visiting us here in Miami. He was a special… Read More»

Warm summer greetings from Miami. I wanted to send you a personal letter to keep you in the loop regarding LOGOI. First, our ministry in Cuba remains vibrant.  You will be excited to know some 7,000 people in Cuba are using our Bible courses.  The vast majority of this group are new believers being trained… Read More»

If you were to look up the word “mother” in the dictionary, you may be quite disappointed to find this blasé definition; “a female parent.”  That’s sort of like defining the sun as, “a big light.” Both are true, but neither definition gets close to what the real thing is.  Besides, everyone knows that being… Read More»

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