I was deep in a conversation with a close friend who, politically, sits on the opposite side of the aisle from me. I know, it’s disturbing. We were discussing our thoughts on the best way to “re-open” the country and I was astounded at how he could be so terribly wrong about… well, everything. 

We were both digging in our heels when I recalled the Asimov quote above and used it with great aplomb.

Not shaking hands, hugging friends, or sitting in crowded seats at a ballgame or event, seems terrible. Then there is wearing facial masks. “Never in my wildest dreams,” the funny email my mother sent said, “did I imagine I’d go up to a bank teller with a mask on asking for money.”
Here at LOGOI we’re facing a very peculiar reality. In the month of March, for example, our online Bible resource center was accessed a record 740,000 times by our extended Spanish-speaking family of pastors and national missionaries.

Growing up, one of my musical heroes was a Gospel singer named Dave Boyer. He was a big band singer and crooner working the Jersey Shore under the name Joey Stevens. He was the son of a preacher but had walked away from the Lord. While finding success as a singer (he performed with the likes of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin), his life spiraled out of control with booze and drugs. He lost everything, including his career and marriage.

We’re off to a great start in 2020, but thought you’d like to see a few highlights from 2019.                                       Sometimes it is good to step back and remember why there is a LOGOI and what God… Read More»

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I have a $5 bill taped to the side of my computer. Every time I sit at my desk an austere looking Abe Lincoln is there glancing over my shoulder. For me, the $5 bill is a reminder of what God is doing with five little dollars as they flow through LOGOI’s ministry.

I came across a  file marked, “Old Newsletters” in my overly crowded file drawer. Inside were copies of letters and documents going back decades of LOGOI’s ministry.
The story of the “three fingered” pastor named Flavio jumped out at me.

I noticed a lady arriving just as the message began on Sunday morning. I didn’t recognize her but am always happy to see someone new coming to church. There were plenty of places to sit where most of us had gathered in the middle, but she sat off to the side, alone.

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