Do you feel lost in this age of twitters and tweets? Is it strange to you that today a “tweet” more often refers to an electronic message than the sound a bird makes? Well, it’s no wonder.  I just read a report that said the average “tweets” in 2007 was a manageable 5,000 per day.… Read More»

LOGOI is offering a contest to our Spanish subscribers who are college age. We are asking for an article that tells how the church is influencing his/her life. We have not asked anything from this age group before but know they are there. Pray that God will use this contest to bring glory and encouragement… Read More»

It is the first day in which a high school senior can sign a binding Letter of Intent to play football in college. After months and sometimes years of recruiting, the hype and drama culminate on this day as millions of deeply devoted college football fans tune in to learn which athletes have officially committed… Read More»

We began 2012 with a Board Meeting and received great encouragement, prayer and expertise from godly men. One of our former LOGOI staff members has returned to work with us!  Al Valdes was Les’s key assistant for eight years primarily involved in developing and teaching Bible courses. We are so thankful to have him back… Read More»

Dear Family and  Friends, I have a new favorite word:  FOREVER.  I seem to hear it all the time now that I am so aware of it. As you know, 2011 was my final year on earth with Les.  But he is forever in his heavenly home with the Lord. And as you have probably… Read More»

I took a moment to review the 2011 prayer requests. There are so many special memories, especially since most were written by Les. How passionate he was, even until his last breath! And then, due to his illness and death, it has been a while since we have sent you any prayer updates. But you… Read More»

Whenever a question like this popped into my head, I would simply walk over to my Dad’s office, sit on the corner of his desk, and toss out my question. Dad loved these little Q & A sessions.  He’d usually lean back in his chair and smile as he thought it over.  He hardly ever… Read More»

verything was ready” and so it was time for Dr. Les Thompson to finally move in to his new place. I love how the New Living Translation puts it in John 14: “When everything is ready, I will come and get you…” and that’s exactly what Jesus did.  How awesome! And during this Thanksgiving season,… Read More»

t is with great joy to announce Dr. Les Thompson is alive and well—more alive today, in fact, than he has ever been.  On August 30th, at 3:30 in the afternoon, everything was ready and Jesus came and got him just as He promised in John chapter 14.  Dad is right where he has longed to… Read More»

You have probably wondered why you have not received replies to your most recent letters to my father, Les Thompson. On behalf of myself and my brothers, Ken, Gregg, and Ed, I am writing to let you know that my dad passed away last week after a long battle with failing health. My father spoke of… Read More»

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