September Prayer and Praise

For this month, we are packed full of praise!  To help our LOGOI family overseas during this pandemic, we offered our Bible Certificate programs for free.  It’s a bigger commitment, designed for the more serious Bible students, involving 3 courses of study and a big final exam.

We have a “star” student in Spain who signed up in early August, took his exam and has received his Basic Christianity certificate (Cristianismo esencial)!  Thank the Lord for Edison, an eager student who was ready to dig right in.

And so the month of August was full of hundreds of men and women signing up.  It got so busy one weekend that our online system couldn’t keep up!  And now it is a joy for this Abuela Carolina to be in touch with many more dear “grandchildren” who are serious about their faith and want to be better prepared to carry God’s message throughout the world.

Thank you for praying and keeping us going.