Grandma’s messages…grab a Kleenex

LOGOI has been “doing ministry” for over 50 years and of all the tools and things we’ve learned over the years, none has proved to be as efficient as our in-house “Grandma.” Every church and ministry needs a “Grandma.”

Ours, of course, is “Grandma Carolyn.” She also happens to be my mom and the wife of LOGOI’s founder, the late Dr. Les Thompson. What most don’t realize, however, are all the great many “little things” our secret-weapon Grandma does behind the scenes.

Looking over some reports, she noticed a couple hundred or so of our students had yet to complete their Bible course studies. Grandmas, of course, do not like unfinished business. So she decided to write them as only a Grandma can—with a perfect mixture of tenderness and tough love.

No one wants to disappoint Grandma (Abuela in Spanish).

So let me share just three of the many replies we’ve received from our students, which I’ve edited for space. Not only are these wonderful reminders of our “Equipping God’s people” (Ephesians 4:12) ministry, but the real-life issues they face as they go about their daily lives:

“Hola Abuela Carolina, My wife and I are marriage counselors [in Salta, Argentina] and there are so many new cases because of the pandemic that I have neglected my studies. I am passionate about counseling and I specifically chose LOGOI’s Biblical counseling course. I take responsibility for my irresponsibility and I am going to get myself up to date with my lessons. Thank you for pulling my ear with love as a grandmother would…”

“Thank you very much, Abuela Carolina, for your note. I send a huge hug. Here in Venezuela the situation is critical [regarding the virus] but I thank God that He is not just our Savior but our refuge. Sadly the electricity blackouts and lack of internet we face have been great. I have had very few opportunities to actually see the course. I also work to care for my family. We are waiting for our first baby son. So you can see I have struggled to continue at the necessary pace, but I will try to catch up. I long to correctly serve Him in my country and I know that I need good instruction in His infallible Word. I hope you will pray for me, Abuela…”

One of many pictures of Grandma Carolina with her dear ‘Grandchildren’. Cancun, Mexico

“Dear Abuelita Carolina, Thank you for inquiring about me. I’m sorry to say I got to the end of the course but failed the exam. I was so disappointed in my failure that I stopped. I then had the Coronavirus and had to be isolated from my family. The other blow in my life is that I lost my job because the company where I worked could no longer employ me with the economic crisis here (Lima, Peru). But I know God has not abandoned me and my family and we continue living by God’s grace. I would like to ask you for the opportunity to keep studying with LOGOI and also complete the exam I failed. Many thanks, Abuelita Carolina, for your sensitive heart for me.”

Abuela Carolyn has already gone through at least one full box of Kleenex reading these notes (don’t worry, we’re getting her more). Of course, she personally answers each one encouraging our students to push forward in God’s grace and love—and reminding them that Abuela is praying for them.

Your prayers and partnership continue to be the life-blood of our ministry. It even keeps our secret weapon active. It is a beautiful partnership where we all have a role in helping make disciples of Jesus Christ. Of course, when you partner with LOGOI, you’ll hear from Abuela, too.

Grandma Carolina with her dear ‘Grandchildren’ in Cuba, 2018