August 2020 Prayer and Praise

As this pandemic continues on and on – Abuela Carolina (that’s me!) — is getting in touch with students who are taking our LOGOI Bible courses but have not yet completed their studies.  For those who finished, I am asking for more details so I can share with you. What treats to receive their stories of God at work in their lives! They are always captivating as we all have a unique story of God’s hand in our lives — even when we don’t know it. Some have gone through deep waters and it is such a joy to encourage them along in their journey of faith.

Here are just a few:

  1. In Venezuela, because of the critical political, social and economic problems, blackouts are common. Taking online courses requires electricity and this student is trying to do his studies between power outages. Imagine his tenacity…and frustration. He’s 27, their first baby is coming and I could sense his concern about everything.
  2. Similarly in Mexico, a group of women in a church were gathering to study and encourage each other but power outages doomed their meetings. She just asked if she could start all over and do it on her own. Yes, of course she can!
  3. In Peru, a wife has had to temporarily postpone her studies as she’s caring for her injured husband. Not a problem…we’ll be here when she’s ready.
  4. In Cuba, a pastor has been writing to tell me he feels like he’s Les’s spiritual son. So while we’re trying to encourage others, I get his correspondence and discover I am the one being blessed. What a thrill to hear those words.

Each one is asking me —Abuela Carolina — to pray for him/her. Will you join me? We take our electricity and life of ease (in spite of the virus!) for granted. So even though I am still quarantined, I am in touch with God’s family all over the world. Thank the Lord for this ministry that is making such a difference. Thank you for your prayers and support!