Easter is Coming

One of the most read devotionals in all the world is “Streams in the Desert” by L. B. Cowman first published in 1925. “For years,” as a back cover of the book explains, “the beloved classic devotional has sustained and replenished God’s weary desert travelers.”

In 1972, LOGOI’s Founder, Dr. Les Thompson, signed an agreement with Zondervan Publishing House to translate and publish this beloved devotional. By 1976, “Manantiales en el Desierto” was introduced to the Spanish world. Each year, for 44 years now, it has remained LOGOI’s best selling book.

There is a beautiful Easter story that goes along with this. It begins, of course, with Lettie Burd Cowman.

Lettie was born in Afton, Iowa in 1870. She met Charles Cowman, a telegraph operator, when she was just 13 years old. They married six years later. In 1901 they moved to Japan where they helped co-found The Oriental Missionary Society (OMS), a Bible training institute. OMS is now called One Mission Society.

Charles’ health began to spiral downward and the Cowmans were forced to return to the United States in 1918. His health continued to decline until his death in 1924. To help in her grieving as she watched her beloved husband slowly and painfully slip away, she wrote a daily devotional which became “Streams in the Desert” (the title is based on Isaiah 35:6).

Now as I write this, I’m “hunkered down” with millions of others hoping to fend off the spread of the Coronavirus. Confusion and anxiety seem rampant as we face many unknowns. I smiled as I read the April 3 devotional as Lettie looked at Isaiah 24:15 and Colossians 2:15: 

“This is real triumph—triumphing over sickness in it,
triumphing over death in dying,
and triumphing over other adverse
circumstances in them.
Believe me, there is a power that can make us
victors in the conflict.”

That is the Easter message! A message of Jesus’ wondrous triumph over death. It is a message of eternal life granted to all who believe in Him. It is a message that joyfully proclaims all that Jesus taught and said was true.

What a thrill to continue to make “Manantiales en el Desierto” (Streams in the Desert) available to the Spanish world. In 2010, I signed an agreement with Zondervan enabling us to produce electronic versions in Spanish.

Chances are good you have a copy of Streams in the Desert. Now, when you read one of the short devotionals you can also consider that our National Missionaries serving somewhere in the Spanish world may be reading the same encouraging words. Your financial gifts to LOGOI provide access to this devotional as well as a host of other Bible resources for them. We believe these are wise investments in helping make disciples of all nations. And your prayers and gifts are a great encouragement to us all.

This updated video of Ed Thompson’s inspirational song,
“Friday,” is a powerful reminder of hope in difficult times.
No matter what your struggle, need, or circumstance,
Jesus can meet that need. After all, it’s only Friday…and
Sunday’s coming!