Come On Home


rowing up, one of my musical heroes was a Gospel singer named Dave Boyer. He was a big band singer and crooner working the Jersey Shore under the name Joey Stevens. He was the son of a preacher but had walked away from the Lord. While finding success as a singer (he performed with the likes of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin), his life spiraled out of control with booze and drugs. He lost everything, including his career and marriage.

Desperate and alone, he was on his way to kill himself when he passed a small church. A flood of memories and the peace he once knew brought him to his knees. He cried out to the Lord.  Like the prodigal son story of
Luke 15, he found his Heavenly Father joyfully waiting for him to come home. As Dave says, “Joey died that day and Dave was reborn.”

I had the thrill of performing with Dave Boyer shortly after I won a Gospel Music Talent Contest and a recording contract back when I was a mere teenager. That concert remains one of my favorite performance memories. A few years later I recorded one of his signature songs: “Come On Home.” Enjoy this video on and then find “logoi ministries”.

We all love to hear “prodigal son” stories and many of us have our own version. We deserve God’s wrath and punishment but to our astonishment, we receive incredible love and forgiveness. He has been waiting for us to “come on home.”

Part of LOGOI’s ministry is telling our ministry partners stories of our National Missionaries. From ruthless militia men searching for peace for their souls, to those lost in addictions, to those who walked away from Christ, they all have one thing in common — God’s love and grace that is far greater than their sin.

Jesus is always there ready to say, “Come on Home.”

We look for fun and simple ways to remind you how your prayers and financial partnership help people “Come on Home” to the Father. Interestingly, we’re introducing you to a part of the Prodigal Son story.

It’s a pig! Actually, a piggy bank.

You remember how the prodigal son squandered his money. At the same time, a great famine swept over the land. Desperate and starving, the wayward son finds himself working in a pig pen. He’s so hungry that even the pig food looks good to him.

It’s in the pig pen that the son comes to his senses and determines to “come on home” to his Father.

Our idea is simple, (1) join our family. Every $5 provides an entire month of free Bible resources to a LOGOI National Missionary serving right now today somewhere in the Spanish world. (2) Put your loose change in the little FiveDollarMission piggy bank. (3) When you collect five or more dollars, send it to LOGOI and we’ll use it to train and equip national missionaries to help others “come on home.”

Here’s a sixty second video explaining the whole thing: FiveDollarMission at YouTube | LOGOI Ministries.



You might like to know Dave Boyer is still singing. So am I. In fact, if you hear either one of us in concert, you just might hear us sing, “Come On Home.”  Of course, if you invite me to your church — or even to sing at a special party you’d like to host for LOGOI — I’ll bring a bunch of FiveDollarMission piggy banks for you and your friends. So come on, let’s have a party!

Forever,Ed Thompson

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