February 2020 – Vladimir Bravo Miguel from Chiapas, México

Vladimir-and-wife-smallVladimir Bravo Miguel from Chiapas, México

Few of us remember getting our first pair of shoes. Researchers claim most of can’t remember much of anything before the age of three. But Vladimir Bravo Miguel remembers his first pair. He was twelve. Vladimir is one of our amazing National Missionaries. Here is his story:

“I was born in Chiapas, México, to a very, very poor family,” Vladimir begins. “My father left my mother when he found out she was pregnant. To survive financially, my mother would host parties and sell liquor from our house. At the age of eight, I began to drink heavily. Before I was a teenager, I was lost in liquor and more.

“When I was thirteen, a friend invited me to his evangelical church and for the first time, I learned about Jesus. I had to return for more. One Sunday, God touched my heart and I became His child. I brought my mother to church and a year later, she also believed. Not long after that, our home, which had been a place to try to hide from Jesus, became a place to learn about Jesus.

“The more I learned about Jesus, the more I wanted to become a preacher. I didn’t have the necessary schooling and didn’t have any money, so no one would accept me. I wept great tears of sorrow. Finally, a Bible School accepted me, but then I discovered a new problem; my bad habits and alcohol abuse had greatly affected my mind. I was failing in every subject. By God’s grace, they didn’t throw me out, and I refused to give up. Through great struggles and poverty, I finally graduated.

“I can joyfully tell you I kept studying and was ordained in 1998. I have a Bachelors’s degree, and I am looking for resources because I would like to do a master’s degree. I can hardly believe how God has taken this poor and broken man and allowed him to become a pastor.

“Six months ago, we began planting a church in Ciudad de Martínez de la Torre, México. Today we have 18 adults and 10 children. I am using LOGOI’s excellent FLET Bible courses to help train the leadership of our church—including me.”

Today, Vladimir has more than one pair of shoes and those who walk next to them soon discover they lead directly to Jesus. We ask you to pray for Vladimir and also ask you to please join our FiveDollarMission here at LOGOI. Five dollars provide a full month of free Bible resources, training, and encouragement to one of our Five Dollar National Missionaries — just like Vladimir. Click on the link to partner with us today.

Your gifts are used to help train and equip national missionaries like Vladimir to help proclaim the Gospel and make disciples all over the Spanish speaking world. Now you know a little more about one of them.