March 2020 Prayer and Praise

Have you ever been to Tucson, Arizona?

Well, that’s the nearest airport to Nogales, Sonora, Mexico, a border town. We have a pastor there who downloaded our booklet ¿Por qué, Señor? (Why, God?)

Researching Nogales, it is a dangerous city: do not drive there at night, do not advertise wealth, do not flash cash or credit cards. It is a key region in international drug and human trafficking.

Why does our beloved Pastor Juan need this book about suffering? I wish I could knock on his door and ask him. But! We can pray for Pastor Juan as he serves the Lord in this difficult place.

LOGOI Ministries counts it a great blessing to be of encouragement and help to pastors such as Juan all over the Spanish speaking world.

You can go to and see some stories that represent our family of national missionaries.