February 2020 Praise and Prayer

I’ve found a new “grandson” in Connecticut.  He is from Argentina and is up there on a Fulbright Scholarship and is teaching at the University of Connecticut!  It’s my first grandson to be a brilliant Fulbright scholar!

But what is most thrilling is that he is reading many of our resources and went on to say how one of our books meant so much to him a long time ago.  What a joy to think we can encourage him with biblical resources as he is in such a high level of education.  Let’s pray he remains steadfast with the Lord.  It’s no accident I chose to write to him out of curiosity.

I thank the Lord for these wonderful “grandchildren” of mine who are going about the King’s business in every kind of place.

This new 2020 year we are going to be doing all we can to find new $5Mission helpers.  LOGOI needs more help and so pray with us to know how to be creative and for God to give us wisdom.