Carolyn’s Happy New Year !

How good to look back over 2019 and be reminded of all the blessings in this Grandma & Great Grandma Carolyn’s world.

Are you ready? Here we go:


The year started with huge blessings as two more great grandchildren arrived.  Luca James Boukagiannis in Brisbane, Australia and Sophie Rose March in Seattle, Washington. 

These are numbers 9 and 10 for me to enjoy. 

I’m so thankful for today’s modern world that lets me keep up with them even though they are so very far away. 

In May, great grandbaby number 11 arrived in Atlanta.  River Tavares Thompson is a darling, happy little redhead.

Her daddy, Daniel accepted a professorship in California so off they went to begin a new life and career.

And then great grandbaby number 12 arrived in November: Wrenly Elizabeth Stafford lives in Columbia, South Carolina.  I look forward to seeing this little east coast wee one in person one of these days.

Now that’s a lot of new great grandbabies for me to love! AND I have recently been informed that Great Grandchild #13 is on the way!


got to watch Grandson David fall in love with Allison. What a joy to be invited to meet his special young lady before just about anyone else in the family. I saw their love and tenderness for each other blossom until finally this past February, he invited me to go with him to the jeweler’s. What a thrill for Grandma! I hosted a wedding shower where we all gave loving and prayerful tributes and heard how they fell in love.

And so on Dec.1, David and Allison were married in West Palm Beach. What a beautiful wedding that was so God-honoring. This was my 10th grandchild to get married.


It is over 8 years ago that Les moved to heaven. Early last year I decided to take a look at the notes, sermons and writings he left behind. My heart was thrilled to see his thoughts and be reminded how he spent his entire life helping others to fall in love with Jesus.  

What a joy for me to dig these out from his Bibles, notebooks, files, the computer – they were everywhere! 

We put some of his quotes into a book as a fundraiser to help national pastors and leaders have free access to LOGOI Bible resources. I would love to send you one if you didn’t get one this past December. Just send me a note.

My Heavenly Father walks every moment with this Grandma and I am thrilled that He can still use me in ways I never dreamed.

Thank you for your partnership with us at LOGOI and don’t hesitate to get in touch. I would love to keep in personal touch with you, too.

With Love,