Thankful, Grateful, Blessed Thanksgiving

It’s really just that simple. Because our delivery system is the internet, $5 can provide an entire month of Bible resources and training to one Latin pastor or national missionary. 

LOGOI provides weekly LOGOIgramas to help motivate, train, and encourage, but pastors and teaching leaders can also log on and search through over 50 years of our ministry to find the resources and tools they need to help them right now, today. Do you realize over 24,000 Latin pastors and national missionaries are receiving our LOGOIgramas?

But that’s just the mechanics. The real ministry comes from what God is doing through the lives of those we are serving. 

Like: Lázaro traveling throughout Cuba running baseball and sports camps for children and young adults so that he can tell them about Jesus. He doesn’t call his “kids” future athletes, he calls them “future preachers.”

Luis Alejandro Alvarado Dolly knows how to get around in a dugout canoe. He’s been navigating through a maze of Amazon River tributaries in the northern part of Peru his entire life. More often than not, he’s using these impressive hollowed-out tree trunks to deliver the Good News to villagers in the jungles of Peru.  “Dugout canoes are how we get to the villages so we can teach and preach and share the Gospel to all who will listen,” Luis writes. “There is no greater joy than to see lives transformed when they accept Jesus Christ as their Savior.”

This Thanksgiving, we invite you to see what God can do with your five little dollars. To help you get started, we’ve created a special quote book by my dad and LOGOI’s founder, Dr. Les Thompson. It’s hard to believe Dad has been “hanging out with Jesus” now since 2011, but his influence, teaching, and impact are still felt throughout the Spanish-speaking world.

Looking through his books, notes, and sermons, we knew many would be encouraged by some of his quotes, so we started posting them on Instagram — (search for “LOGOIministries” and click “follow.”) We also thought this would make a beautiful coffee table book.


So here’s our special “Thanksgiving” offer:

Simply reply to this story by clicking on this link: LOGOI’s FiveDollar Mission monthly ministry” and we’ll send you “God Hears Me, Because I am His!”. If you prefer to make a single donation of $20 or more, that will work, too.

What a joy it will be to share stories with you of God at work. Then, each time you see a five dollar bill, we hope you’re reminded to pray and remember what God is doing with just five little dollars.