October 2019 Prayer and Praise

OH NO!!!
You may remember our asking for prayer for some teenage LOGOI students in Santa Marta, Colombia last May. They are students at a privileged high school where the director signed up the 9th, 10th, and 11th graders for one of our Bible courses. They all failed and we thought we would never hear from them again.

The school director was not pleased and would not let them off the hook, so she signed every one of them up again…and again…and again.

What a thrill to report they are all learning the material and passing this time…(except for two).

Look what they have studied each semester so far:

Como estudiar la Biblia– how to study the Bible
Doctrina bíblica– how to understand Bible doctrine
Apologética Cristiana– how to defend your faith

We are thrilled to report this amazing faculty is planning to continue Bible studies for their students via LOGOI. How exciting to know God’s Word does not return void and is being hidden in their hearts.

Not only are these 32 students busy, but we are excited to see a constant flow of new Spanish students signing up at LOGOI’s website to study God’s Word. We are constantly registering students, issuing certificates when they successfully complete a course — keeping our “Internet Bible School” available for any and all who will study.