September 2019 Praise and Prayer

This Prayer and Praise fills me with much emotion of both joy and longing.

Some of you know I married very handsome Les Thompson 58 years ago in August. We did not have the blessings of our parents and families. God gave us His blessing, though. This widowed and godly man who had three little boys ages 5, 4, and 2 made me an instant mom at 19, and we began our “honeymoon” driving for a month from NW Washington State to San José, Costa Rica. What an adventurous life: full of joy —and hardships, too— along the way. The Lord took Les home eight years ago on another August day. Today, I have 14 grandchildren, soon to arrive will be my 12th great grandchild, and a 10th grandchild’s wedding on December 1. I am SO GLAD I knew in my heart I should marry my beloved Les many years ago!

And I get to joyfully continue serving LOGOI as well, being Grandma Carolyn/Abuela Carolina around the world.

O Lord my God, I will give thanks unto thee forever.  Psalm 30:12