“Why, God?”

With the
 75th Anniversary of D-Day
I found myself watching a few war films and documentaries. It’s easy to forget how young so many soldiers were who fought in these great battles.

In a WWI documentary, soldier after soldier said, “I was 16 years old when I volunteered,” with a few admitting they were barely 15. Most said their recruiter told them to “go outside and have a birthday” and then come right back in the door. That’s exactly what they did.

Historians estimate some 15 to 19 million lives in total were lost in WWI and a staggering 70 to 85 million in WWII — roughly 3% of the world population in 1940. Think of the millions of loved ones who cried out in despair, “Why, God?”

I have now reached the age where far more often than I would like, I learn of friends and classmates who have passed on. I was poignantly reminded of this when a high school classmate called and asked if I could help her write a song for some friends who were especially kind to her as she suffered through cancer treatments. She wanted to sing it to them herself to show her gratitude. Though the song was written, the Lord took her home before she could sing it. I cried, it seemed, for days over a classmate I hadn’t seen for over 30 years.

How do we console those who are completely devastated by the loss of loved ones? How do we find comfort ourselves when we’re thrust into great suffering, confusion, and despair?

Many years ago, in response to some natural disasters that devastated parts of Latin America, LOGOI put out a magazine called, ¿Por qué, Señor? In it, we tried to offer Biblical counsel and answers to that age old question, “Why, God?”

If you’re like me, it doesn’t take a natural disaster or the death of a loved one to ask that question. When things happen that don’t seem right, we all ask, “Why, God?”

We updated our ¿Por qué, Señor? magazine and are just now releasing it to our pastor and national missionary network of some 24,000 scattered across 40 countries—including well over 1,000 in desperate Venezuela alone. It’s a simple ebook they can download and reproduce as needed—for free.

We also know it is not just those in Latin America who ask, “Why, God?” Perhaps you are even asking at this moment. So as I write this, we are preparing an English version for any of you who may be asking, “Why, God?”.  It is also a great tool to pass along to others (in English or Spanish).

To receive a copy, just ask. You can reply to this letter, give us a call, text, or email us and we’ll send you a PDF copy that is easy to print or read online — in English, Spanish, or both.

Of course, we ask for your financial partnership as we make this and a host of other Bible resources available for free for others to put to use. So yes, without hesitation or apology, we do ask for your generous help.

There is so much of this life that can lead to confusion and despair. I marvel at how gut-wrenching and honest the Psalms are. I am also grateful for the humanity and confusion of so many we read about in Scripture — even of Jesus’ disciples. We are in good company.

¿Por qué, Señor? is always an honest question. May we find God’s love, grace, mercy and truth in its midst.

“You keep track of all my sorrow.
You have collected all my tears in your bottle.
You have recorded each one in your book”
(Psalm 56:8)



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Please email me a PDF copy of “Why, God?” CLICK HERE! logoi@logoi.org

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