August 2019 Praise and Prayer

This past school year a teacher in a private elite high school in Santa Marta, Colombia, South America signed up her students to take one of our Bible courses. From the onset, it seemed clear the high schoolers didn’t take their Bible studies seriously. They all failed miserably.  We thought, “Well, that’s that. She tried.”

The teacher, however, was not pleased. She was not going to let them get away with that. She also believed it is of utmost importance for those kids to study and know God’s Word. So to our great surprise — and perhaps to those high schoolers as well — she re-scheduled the exam. They failed again — so she rescheduled it again — and yet again.

It was a struggle from start to finish, but the high schoolers finally began to get the message. They all finally passed. Once again we thought, “Well, that’s that.”

LO AND BEHOLD!  The teacher has just signed her same students up for another LOGOI Bible course this school year…plus a dozen more!

These kids in Colombia come from the best of homes having access to all the benefits that come with those with wealth and privilege. What a thrill to know God has also blessed them with a tenacious teacher who won’t give up on them to know God’s Word.

Please join us in prayer that these students will truly take hold of God’s Word. What joy to think these “rich young rulers” could become a modern day Zacchaeus, Priscilla, or Joseph of Arimathea.

Thank you for your faithful prayers as we reach the uttermost parts of the world.