June 2019 Praise and Prayer



We are always so grateful for your prayers for LOGOI – and even for me! Isn’t it amazing the Almighty God Himself hears and answers!

It is so wonderful to keep telling about new students God sends us:  from the Dominican Republic, the Amazon jungle in Peru, a children’s worker in Chile, a Spanish electrical engineer in Germany, Ecuador, Australia.  The list goes on and on for 40 countries.  Your investments in God’s Kingdom are multiplied over and over and over again.   Thank you so much!


Summer brings lean financial times for LOGOI.  We are trying to push Ed out the door to as many churches and groups that will give us the opportunity. We recently held a wonderful night of LOGOI and “Ed”ertainment here in Miami and it was so good to see how well people responded to the music, comedy, missions, and message of faith and encouragement. Your church family would love the way he presents missions through his “Ed”ertainment ministry. Would you pray about having him come to your church for a wonderful evening?  He will lift your hearts to joy and gladness as he tells about LOGOI with thanks.