July 2019 Praise and Prayer

  1. We have just finished updating a “magazine-ette” we did years ago called, ¿Por qué, Señor? [Why, God?]. It was first produced to help provide a biblical view of why God allows suffering. It has been used over the years in response to the many natural disasters that have occurred in Latin America. We were glad to update and expand some of the teaching to those who suffer from political unrest. As we know, Venezuela is suffering through terrible political circumstances and we have well over 1,000 who have joined our LOGOI family throughout that country.
    We have made this available to over 24,000 of our Latin pastors and leaders across 40 countries. They have permission to download and print it for their use. It also provides an evangelistic opportunity. We are thrilled to see it being steadily downloaded throughout the Spanish world. Please join us in prayer that it will be mightily used.
  2. I have a new “son” named Luis Dolly in Peru. He works in the Amazon along the rivers taking the good news to all kinds of pueblos. He wrote last month that he wished someone would help him with the cost of his studies. I wrote and asked a lot of people to help, but I couldn’t wait any longer and sent him the news that his $15 initial tuition has been taken care of and he can begin. If a message could contain tears of joy, I got one! He said, “Halleluyah!  I will be ready to start the lessons and put them in practice with my “hermanos” in the Amazon.” (Please let me know if you would like to be included in offering “tuition” scholarships for people like Luis.)

Thank you for your faithful prayers as we continue to reach the uttermost parts of the world.