Happy Mother’s Day

we’ve given my mom a great title. It’s simply, “Grandma Carolyn”. It’s even on her business cards.

She is a constant blur of activity as she uploads Bible resources to our online Bible Resource Center (for some reason her favorite author is Dr. Les Thompson), writes personal “thank you” notes and letters to our ministry partners, answers the phones (in English or Spanish), is a favorite ladies’ luncheon speaker (although she panics every time she has to speak), keeps tabs on our constant flow of new Spanish pastors and national missionaries joining our LOGOI family, and does another couple dozen things that keep LOGOI going forward.

While all those things above are good and necessary, here’s really why she has the title, “Grandma Carolyn”:

“Everyone needs a person who knows how to love and bless us despite the evidence. They are called ‘Grandmas.’”

So perhaps you can sense her joy as a new Spanish pastor or national missionary joins our LOGOI family. One who recently became an instant “pen pal” with “Grandma Carolyn”  is none other than Julius Caesar.

“Grandma Carolyn” was reviewing the logs of people using our Online Resource Center when she noticed a new subscriber had begun downloading Bible resources and articles. “New people sign up every day,” Grandma reminds us, “but Julius was a little different. He kept it up for the entire day!” Grandma gushed.

But Julius Caesar wasn’t done. “He spent the next day downloading dozens more of our Bible resources,” “Grandma Carolyn”  excitedly explained. “As soon as he downloaded one into his (virtual) library, he’d start downloading another. It was fun to see.” Then “Grandma Carolyn” added, “So of course I had to find out more about him.”

The next thing you know, Grandma Carolyn has a new pen pal and Julius Caesar has a new “grandma.” He explained:

“I was in a church that only preached about visions. Nothing else. I longed to know more about Jesus and so did others.  So, I began an outdoor mission church two years ago.”

Julius wrote that he didn’t really have any biblical training, still has a regular job, but simply had to help others get to know Jesus and needed on-the-job Bible training. (Of course you know, that is exactly why the Lord led Dr. Les Thompson to start LOGOI over 50 years ago.)

“I can learn and teach what I am learning to our little congregation of 30 here in Mexicali Baja California, Mexico,”Julius explained. “I need to take your courses.”

I suppose I don’t have to tell you Julius Caesar instantly won over Grandma Carolyn’s heart. In fact, Grandma is so excited to get him studying in a LOGOI Bible course she’s taking care of his scholarship. 

A LOGOI Bible course only costs $15. 

A typical student will take three to six courses a year — which reminds me — would you like to be a LOGOI “Grandma or Grandpa, too?” Even at $15, we have dozens of students who need a little (or a lot) of help covering their course fee(s). It is our policy to never prevent someone from studying who truly wants to but just needs a little financial help.

Would you be willing to help?

This month, your gifts will be used to assist those who need a little scholarship help with their LOGOI studies and Bible resource downloads. If you’d like to get a bit more personal and learn more about other “Julius Caesars,” you can also jot an email to GrandmaCarolyn@LOGOI.org. You’ll be glad you did.

We are so grateful for our LOGOI family. We love to help and serve because we know what Jesus has done for us. That makes it so easy to help others receive and share the Good News.

You can even give a gift in honor of your Mom or Grandma for Mother’s Day. Your gift, by the way, will only last…